Our Mission Statement:
Big compassion, wisdom and creativity are the building blocks we use  to manifest a prosperous business that fosters happiness and supports the creative, playful and joyous lifestyle of all.

Welcome to SanAndCo Gifts. We are committed to bringing you the most unique and the best quality products we can envision. We are a small, super-dedicated family business located in Northern MA. That's us above in the photo!

James is the brains behind our inventory planning, growth strategies and product development. Linda is the shipping guru, marketing master and wordsmith. And our dogs, Seven and Linus? Well, their job description is simply to remind us to play.

We opened our online gift store in 2007 and continue to grow and evolve as online merchants. We are in love with being self-employed and we spread that joy by offering a wide-range of items that amuse us and excite us. We search for items that are hand made, fair trade imports or made in the USA, made from sustainable materials - and most importantly -  made with care and with passion. 

When you buy an item at one of our sites, be assured that we are enjoying the same item ourselves! Visit us at home and you'll find scrumptious Boston-made McCrea's Candies in our pantry, bourbon maple syrup handcrafted in Vermont in our fridge, twisty Tangle toys on most every surface, artwork from Vinette Studio on our walls and Aurora Suncatchers in our office windows. In our garden you will hear Jabob's Musical Chimes jingling.  

Thanks for visiting!